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The Main Reason and Solution of Automobile Oil Seal Leakage

Below, the Automotive Oil Seal Supplier introduces the main reasons and solutions for the leakage of automotive oil seals:

Automotive Oil Seal

Automotive Oil Seal

(1) The main reason for the oil leakage of the general Automobile Oil Seal; the oil seal itself is damaged and the spring of the seal is loose. The amount of axial movement forward and backward is large, the so-called displacement pump oil.

(2) Solution to this failure

Oil seals with self-tightening springs, such as oil seal cups, are not damaged. Most of the oil seal springs are slack and the contraction ability is lost. At this time, the spring of the oil seal can be removed, the spring can be "broken apart", and the appropriate length can be removed at the large end of the spring. Then twist the spring to the loose end, screw the small end into the big end, and then use it to drive forward. After trimming, reinstall the spring into the oil seal to solve the oil leakage caused by the loose spring.

Oil leakage caused by large axial movement. This is done by moving the axial forward and backward. See if the gap is too large. If the amount of axial movement is large, it is necessary to remove the thickness of the shim from the end of the shaft with the adjusting shim. If the shaft end fixing screw is loose, tighten the screw. If the seal gasket of the original shaft end cover is too thick, make an appropriate amount of thinning.

If there is excessive wear caused by other reasons, it should be excluded from the judgment of disassembly and inspection. In addition, the company also provides Skeleton Oil Seals and rubber oil seals, if necessary, you are welcome to contact us at any time